Championing a 21st century education

Today’s workforce increasingly demands 21st century skills such as creativity, empathy, critical thinking, and technological literacy. We simplify the teaching of 21st century skills in that’s often difficult in traditional classroom settings.

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Maarifasasa features

The Maarifasasa Value System.

MOOCs Platform

Quality local educational content sourced from the finest and most experienced teachers & made accessible to all.


Futuristic learning today. Immersive and experiential learning opportunities for the most marginalized learners.


Everyone's personal teacher, a screen tap away! Connecting every learner with their best favorite personal teacher/tutor.

Why Maarifasasa?

We believe in bringing out the best in every learner. We facilitate access to life changing learning opportunities that empower the learner to be their best self in a fast-changing technological era.

Be a 21st Century Learner.

Our MOOC platform and e-learning hubs offer every learner access to our massive online tutoring sessions to the most marginalized learners with limited or no access to the internet an without computers to access the content.


Engaging tutors with good reputation

Our focus is to help all our tutors grow professionally. We help you make tutoring a viable business that’s hustle free than by helping to professionalize it, making students more accessible, and streamlining the benefits associated with your tutoring service.


Our innovative solutions enable your school to offer twenty first century learning to all students at significantly affordable rates of over 50% the current cost of similar solutions.


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