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Maarifasasa is a socially conscious education technology company limited by shares incorporated in the Republic of Uganda.

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An Education Revolution is Upon Us!

At Maarifasasa, we believe more informed, knowledgeable and empowered citizens are better able to participate in society and the economy. Education is one tool that can be used to achieve this. And yet, access to quality education and educational services remains a conundrum in parts of the world like sub-Saharan Africa which has the highest rate of education exclusion.

At Maarifasasa, we strive to ensure access to quality education for all by eliminating the barriers that several learners often face the greatest of all being limited finances. To do this, we’re taking a radical approach using relevant technological tools to lead a new education revolution in Africa.

Education in the 21st century should focus on equipping learners with the skills they need to succeed in the new world such as problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration to mention a few. It must be one that recognizes the rapid transition from the information age to the experience age. To champion this new education revolution, we are committed to empowering everyone to teach someone something. Now that’s the future of education!

Local Roots

In the Swahili language, "Maarifasasa" means "Knowledge right now." We believe we have a calling to revolutionize the knowledge acquisition process also known as learning through innovative and impactful interventions that inspire excellence across Africa and the world over.

Our Mission

We believe in bringing out the best in every learner. We facilitate access to life changing learning opportunities that empower the learner to be their best self in a fastly changing technological era.

Commitment to SDG4

Our company objectives directly align with the specific targets of the Sustainable Development Goal four (SDG4). We contend that obtaining a quality education is the foundation to creating sustainable development.


We are committed to leading a new education revolution in Africa, empowering every learner to achieve their greatest potential.

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We settle not for conventions. We break rules and make new ones. We set not standards. We stand out and be the standard.

Robert Bob Okello

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

To be a CEO means your number one job is to Constantly Elevate Others.

Ismaail D. M. Ombo

Chief Product Officer (CPO)

Quality service is the norm not a choice. If you cannot buy a product, you should not sell it to other people

Wasswa James

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

In everything we do, let us always aspire to give it our very best. We can always do our best.

Kirwana Fred

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.

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